Kentucky Welding Tool & Die has risen as an industry leader in machining. We use the highest quality methods and machinery to produce to the highest precision specifications. Whether making straight and offset shafts, threads, key-ways, pins, valves, pullies, molds, and die work our quality is always A-1. Our years of experience give us the skills necessary to working with materials from S7 to the softest plastic. Our experienced machinists have to skills to take on any job regardless of how large of small!

Focus on Quality

At Kentucky Welding Tool & Die our focus is to produce the highest quality machining available. Our dedication to quality is reflected in our precision Quality Assurance equipment. Our CMM, height gauges, calipers, micrometers, and even our granite tables are honed to precision. At Kentucky Welding Tool & Die, Q.A. checks every part to ensure it has been machined to the highest standards. We guarantee every part that we produced will be machined to the customer’s specifications.

Machining Work

Machining Equipment

ROMI D1250 Vertical Machining Center
X Travel 50″ Y Travel 24″ Z Travel 29″
ROMI D560 Vertical Machining Center
X Travel 32″ Y Travel 12″ Z Travel 16″
ROMI G30 Turret Lathe Swing 24″
Holds +-0.0001″
ROMI M17 CNC Lathe Swing 12″
Holds +-0.0001″
Acer Lathe
24″ X 60″
Clausing CV2080 CNC Lathe Swing 24″
Holds 0.001″
Hurco CNC Mill
X Travel 32″ Y Travel 14″
Bridgeport CNC Mill
X Travel 30″ Y Travel 12″
Mitsubishi FX20 Wire EDM
Holds 0.00005″
Sheffield Discovery II
D-12 CMM Measures 0.00005″
Brown & Sharp Surface Grinder
6″ X 8″
Chevel Surface Grinder